The Fairbairn Family



Of all the early members of ‘Let it Blaw’, no family contributed more than the Fairbairn family. It appears their line can be traced back within the Balerno area  to the birth of a James Fairbairn in 1730, who in turn had a son James born in 1752, and the next generation James Fairbairn was born in 1790. He then had a son, referred to in Club Records as James Fairbairn Snr., born on 18th October 1815, who was to become one of the Founder Members of the Balerno Burns Club in 1881.

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James Fairbairn Snr.

born 18th October 1815

Founder Member of Let it Blaw

James Fairbairn Jnr.

born 28th January 1847

[ son of James Fairbairn Snr.]

David B. Fairbairn

born 19th November 1852

[ son of James Fairbairn Snr. ]

John Fairbairn

born 16th January 1856

[ son of James Fairbairn Snr. ]

James Garnet Fairbairn

born 20th September 1882

[ son of David B. Fairbairn ]


The Fairbairn family connection at ‘Let it Blaw’ continued with John Fairbairn’s daughter Mary marrying a Balerno man, Robert Charleton Tennant; known to all as “Bertie”.

Bertie Tennant became a member of ‘Let it Blaw’ and was Club President for eleven years between 1955 and 1965. The link continued with Bertie’s daughter marrying a Nelson Baillie. Nelson also became a member of ‘Let it Blaw’ and proposed the Immortal Memory of Burns at the 1974 Supper.

The great, great grandson of our Club Founder James Fairbairn Snr, is one James David Lawson Fairbairn who, at the time of writing, resides in Gullane.