A. R. Montgomery

Served on the Club Committee
1912,  1913



Became a member of ‘Let it Blaw’  1910
Alexander R Montgomery was born in Edinburgh in 1874 and, after completing his education, qualified as a draftsman working initially with the ‘Ordnance Survey.’
He was transferred to Chester where he married in 1900. Immediately after the weding, he returned to Edinburgh with his new wife where they settled in Juniper Green. They lived in a cottage called “Cairnbank” in Baberton Avenue.
He was a Sergeant in the Royal Engineers and spent time based in Kilmarnock, Ireland and France. His service during World War I is acknowledged in the ‘Let it Blaw’ Club Minutes. On return from the Forces he went back to his job with the ‘Ordnance Survey’ and was responsible for drawing up plans for the proposed Edinburgh City Bypass in the 1930s. 40 years later work started ! 50 years later it finished !!
He was a very keen gardener and photographer. There was a third of an acre of garden at his cottage and he won countless awards in local shows and those run by “Dobbies”, in the good old days when Dobbies was a small local business before it became an off-shoot of Tescos. 
It’s believed Alex became a member of ‘Let it Blaw’ about 1910 but he was in contact with the Club before that as a photographer. On several occasions there is mention in the Club Minutes of Founder Members, or other significant Characters in our Club being awarded for their services with their “Portrait.” What they were receiving was in fact a photograph and it’s believed most, if not all, were taken by Alexander Montgomery.
Alex died in 1940. 



Our thanks to Alex’s granddaughter, Margaret William of Nuneaton, Warwickshire, for the details of his life and the two photographs.