Absent Friends

by untangledwebl


This page is dedicated to those Cronies who’ve made ‘ significant ‘ contributions to ‘Let it Blaw’ over the years.

Suggestions as to other worthy inclusions are welcomed.

The Fairbairn Family 

                                                                                                            James Fairbairn Snr.

                                                                                                            James Fairbairn Jnr.

                                                                                                            David B. Fairbairn

                                                                                                            John Fairbairn

                                                                                                            James Garnet Fairbairn

                                                                                                     Thomas Horsburgh

 George Y. Robertson

 Rev. David C. Stewart

 Fred Belford

 Harry & Robin Rankin

 Willie Shanks BEM 

 Jim Tait

 Rev. David Ogston

 Gordon Grant