Peter Whitelaw




Proposed the Toast  “The Immortal Memory of Robert Burns”  1962



Became a Member of ‘Let it Blaw’  c.1960


First Appeared on the Toast List 1962


Peter Whitelaw was an accomplished Burns Speaker specialising in Masonic Suppers. It’s thought he was born in East Calder, and resided in Currie from 1959 through to the 1980s. It’s known he was a good friend of Bob Brown (Broon o’ the Latch) who also spoke at ‘Let it Blaw’ on a couple of occasions.


He was a partner in the firm ‘Whitelaw & John’ together with Club Member Carl John’s father.


Peter was a Founder Member of Hatton Lawn Tennis Club and was also Club Captain & President of Bainfield Bowling Club.