William Hook Snr.



Proposer of the Toast  “The Navy & The Army” or “Imperial Forces”  1909,  1928

Reply to the Toast  “The Navy & The Army” or “Imperial Forces”  1911

Reply to the Toast  “Commercial Interests of the District”  1911,  1924

Proposer of the Toast  “Let it Blaw – the Balerno Burns Club”   1925

Reply to the Toast  “Agricultural Interests of the District”   1926

Proposer of the Toast  “The Chairman”  1929

Proposer of the Toast  “Our Hosts” or “The Landlord – Landlady”   1933

Reply the Toast  “Let it Blaw – The Balerno Burns Club”  1933


Served on the Club Committee

1911,  1924


Became a member of ‘Let it Blaw’   1909


First mentioned in Toast List/Programme  1909


Records show that in 1911, William and his family were residing in Side Street, Balerno.


Other records show that in 1920, William owned “Elm Cottage” and “Roseberry Cottage” which he rented out. He also owned a Joiner’s Workshop, a Yard and Stables. His son William Hook Jnr. was the tenant of “Roseberry Cottage.”


William Snr’s wife Marion, also owned three houses in the village, a store and a smithy (the smithy is now “David Cameron, Hairdresser” – how times have changed !). The smithy was rented by Thomas Horsburgh who, by this time, had established his main smithy business at Johnsburn.  One of Marion’s houses was rented by Daniel Jamieson who was, at that time, working as a “Steam Craneman”.