18th July 1889 – Excursion to Habbie’s Howe

by untangledwebl

“The Club held their first excursion this day when 15 members drove with a “Four in Hand” to the Carlops

where an enjoyable day was spent in visiting Habbies Howe, the scene of Allan Ramsay’s “Gentle Shepherd.”

A “Four in Hand”  c.1910


Newhall House

Through the kindness of Mr Blair, the company were shown through Newhall House

and afterwards dined in Mr & Mrs Veitch’s hotel (the Allan Ramsay Hotel in Carlops)

returning to Balerno about 8 o’clock, all well pleased with the days outing.”

Mr Veitch’s Hotel, Carlops


Extract from Club Records written by Club Secretary John Fairbairn