1975 – ” The Village Ha’ “

by untangledwebl


Bard’s Oration 1975

” The Village Ha’ “


In January eighteen eighty yin

Some men sat down in Henderson’s Inn

Tae have a dram, a crack and a heat

That was where they used to meet

There was Pearson, Fairbairn, Henderson there

Garlick, Craik and then yin mair,

Cam in fae the storm a covered wi’ snaw

He slammed the door and said ‘Let it Blaw’


They spoke o’ Rab, as weel they micht,

For he was born on sic a nicht,

A hundred years lang syne and mair

Doon in that cottage just near Ayr,

This they spoke of when they met

The picture ……… winnae let us forget

Ye see it hingin’ on the wa’

The Founder Members o’ ‘Let it Blaw.’


It started up in richt guid style

The members came frae mony a mile

plooman, laird, tradesman, teacher

butcher, baker, coalman, preacher,

As they arrived tae dae their stuff,

Tae be welcomed in by Johnnie Fuff (John Fairbairn)

O wouldn’t it be a sicht sae braw,

Tae see them here at ‘Let it Blaw.’


And but for wars or a bereavement

I really think it’s some achievement

In fact I’d say we’re on a winner,

No tae miss an annual dinner

It’s shifted aboot this Burns Club

Worker’s Howff, hotel and pub,

But now at last in the Village Ha’

We’re allowed to have the ‘Let it Blaw.’


And through the years o’ peace and strife

It’s played its part in Village life

The Club gies prizes for bairns turns

O singin’ and recitin’ Burns

But now ma muse her wing maun cour

So in your glasses whisky pour

On yer feet cronies yin an’ aw

An’ drink a toast to ‘Let it Blaw.