by untangledwebl



On a Cebrated Ruling Elder


Here Souter Hood in death does sleep;
To hell if he’s gane thither,
Satan, gie him thy gear to keep;
He’ll haud it weel thegither.

On A Noisy Polemic


Below thir stanes lie Jamie’s banes;
O Death, it’s my opinion,
Thou ne’er took such a bleth’rin bitch
Into thy dark dominion!

On “Wee Johnie”


Whoe’er thou art, O reader, know
That Death has murder’d Johnie;
An’ here his body lies fu’ low;
For saul he ne’er had ony.

For the Author’s Father
[ Later referred to as “Epitaph On My Ever Honoured Father” ]

O ye whose cheek the tear of pity stains,
Draw near with pious rev’rence, and attend!
Here lie the loving husband’s dear remains,
The tender father, and the gen’rous friend;
The pitying heart that felt for human woe,
The dauntless heart that fear’d no human pride;
The friend of man-to vice alone a foe;
For “ev’n his failings lean’d to virtue’s side.”

For Robert Aiken, Esq.


Know thou, O stranger to the fame
Of this much lov’d, much honoured name!
(For none that knew him need be told)
A warmer heart death ne’er made cold.

For Gavin Hamilton


The poor man weeps – here Gavin sleeps,

Whom canting wretches blam’d;

But with such as he, where’er he be,

May I be sav’d or damn’d !