Extract – Burns Chronicle 1988

by untangledwebl



Our thanks to Jimmy Johnstone for this Report.



           BALERNO BURNS CLUB No. 340

   The Club is in guid hert with an additional twenty

Gentlemen keen to gain entry.

   The annual Nicht wi’ the Lasses held in Johnsburn

House on December 4 was a resounding success, as

was the eagerly-awaited annual supper held again in

the Kestrel Hotel on January 23, 1988. The latter was

voted one of the most enjoyable ever thanks mainly

to plethora of talent within the Club.

   The long – established verse and song competition

between pupils of Deanpark Primary School was

adjudicated by Club Members during February. The

high standard overall reflected the enthusiasm both of

dedicated staff and the children.

 As the retirement of Mr Ian Falconer, headmaster,

is intimated, it is timely for us to record our grateful

thanks to this ideal teacher who has carried on the

Burnsian Tradition set by his predecessor, the late Mr

Fred Belford. Mr Falconer has fostered and sustained

interest in the Bard among pupils over a period of at

lease a quarter of a century. Well done Ian !

   A presentation to him in due course, of a copy of the

Subscribers Edition of the Complete Letters is


   Meanwhile a local competition is current to design

a Club Badge.

                                                                Gordon Grant