Jim Hood

by untangledwebl

Reply to the Toast  “The Lasses”  1986

Reply to the Toast  “Guests & Artistes”  1987

Jim became a member of ‘Let it Blaw’ in 1985. He is the father of Club Member Alex Hood and grandfather of Club Member Andrew Hood.

A retired school teacher, Jim planned  to attend the 1985 Supper as a guest of his son but stood in, at very short notice, starting the Supper off in traditional manner by singing Is there for Honest Poverty . This resulted in Club Secretary, Willie Shanks, proposing him for membership at the first interval, confirming his membership status at the next interval, then asking him for his £ 2 subscription at the end of the evening. Jim came out with what, for one Club Member was a not to be forgotten remark, “I think I’ve discovered ‘Let it Blaw’ 50 years too late.”

Jim thereafter started the suppers off in 1986, 1987, 1988 and 1989 adding a speech or two and a few more songs along the way.

Jim thoroughly enjoyed involvement as a judge in the local School Competitions.  In March 1989, after representing ‘Let it Blaw’ as a judge at Dean Park School, he returned home to Marchbank Drive, felt unwell and suffered a stroke that night. He died a few days later in hospital. A contribution to ‘Let it Blaw’ that was 50 years too short.

The above photograph was taken either in 1987 or 1988 when Jim judged one of the competitions at Dean Park School.
The judge on the right of the photo is Phyllis Tait, wife of the late Honorary President Jim Tait.
The digitised copy of the  1989 Burns Chronicle was sponsored in memory of Jim.