Jock Noble

by untangledwebl

Served on the Committee

1955, 1956,  1957

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Jock was one of the group of cronies who attended a meeting in 1955 and decided to resurrect ‘Let it Blaw.’ Although present at ‘Let it Blaw’ through the 50s, Jock became a member of the Marchbank Burns Club just after it was founded in 1959. It’s believed he let his ‘Let it Blaw’ membership lapse at that time. 

Jock was a shepherd who worked at many of the farms in the Pentland Hills during his long working life. He became widely known in Balerno throughout the 70s, 80s and 90s as the inimitable and hilarious Chairman of the “Pentland Shepherd’s Society” annual dinner; better known as the “Herd’s Supper.”