Ken Falconer


Proposer of the Toast  “Our Hosts” or “The Landlord – Landlady”   1991

Ken became a member of ‘Let it Blaw’  1985 and was first mentioned in the Toast List/Programme in 1991.

Extract from the report of the 1996 Annual Supper
Bard’s Oration
Ken Falconer’s piece of genius !

As the time approached for Club President Alex Hood to call for the Bard’s Oration, our Bard Jimmy Johnstone was in Texas on a shooting trip. Jimmy had pre-recorded his Oration before leaving with the intention that it be played on two large monitors located on the stage in the Kestrel Hotel. With the technical expertise of Club Member Ken Falconer, and with the Chairman jumping to his feet to make a sudden pre-planned interruption of Gordon Grant in the middle of his recitation of  “Willie Wastle” due to “the Club’s satellite link with Texas coming in“, the Company watched in utter amazement as the monitors burst into life.

The “live link” started with Ken’s brilliantly arranged static interference, then a countdown for the link going live, then the NBC Sports Channel giving basketball results before, “live” from Texas, we saw Jimmy bedecked in his shooting gear. He was stumbling with his words, twice asking TV crew if he was “live” and if he should go ahead, before wishing the members of ‘Let it Blaw’ a Good Evening and apologising for the breaking signal. He thereafter launched into his Oration on the Satelite Link. On completion, Gordon Grant  complained bitterly to the Chair over his recitation being interupted at the whim of some modern contraption prior to picking up “Willie Wastle” at the precise point he left off.

Two, if not three years later, a certain Club Member was still heard wondering how a wee Club like ‘Let it Blaw’ could have financed such a thing. Jimmy, Gordon and Ken should have received Oscars for their performances.

Ken resigned his membership of ‘Let it Blaw’ in 2015 due to ill-health.