Let it Blaw – 2021

by Alex

In February/March 2020, it became apparent that a major disease, first seen in China, was spreading throughout the world. Many aspects of day to day life in Scotland were affected by the spread of the virus with the Government closing down large numbers of businesses, schools, colleges and preventing travel both internationally and at home.

Late December 2020 saw the beginning of vaccinations on a large scale throughout the country with full coverage unlikely until late 2021. The vast majority of Burns Suppers scheduled for January 2021 were cancelled as it was illegal to hold such large events.

‘Let it Blaw’ took the decision not to cancel our supper and it was agreed to host a gathering of members online using the relatively new Zoom system. Club Members were invited to submit photographs of their meal which was to be eaten prior to the Toasts, Songs and Recitations.

Kerr Cowan Jnr. playing a Selection of Tunes

Following the Supper, his grandfather Kerr Snr., who had served as Honorary Piper to ‘Let it Blaw’ for over 43 years, announced his retirement from the post at the next AGM. How lucky we are to have such a ready replacement.

We wish one Kerr a long and happy retirement in which he might enjoy many more Suppers without having to work for his haggis, and welcome our new Kerr setting him the not insignificant target of 43 years to beat.