Presentation to John Fairbairn – 28th September 1916

by Alex

On the occasion of Mr John Fairbairn’s marriage, some of the members of the Balerno Burns Club thought it would be a most suitable opportunity to show their appreciation of his untiring efforts for the welfare of the Burns Club, especially as he had done the work of Secretary for 35 years.

They recognised that it was mostly due to his enthusiasm and hard work that the Club had so successfully carried on for such a number of years. They therefore started a subscription list amongst the members and friends, and were soon enabled to be in the position to present him with a piece of plate in the form of a serving tray or salver with the following inscription:- “Presented by the Balerno Burns Club to Mr John Fairbairn, on the occasion of his marriage – 30th June 1916.” They also at the same time presented to Mrs Fairbairn a gold turquoise and pearl pendant.

The presentation was made on 28th September 1916, at Mr Fairbairn’s house, by the Chairman, Mr T. Horsburgh, who was ably supported by Mr George Calder, Treasurer, and Mr Hugh Spence, Croupier.

In a suitable speech the chairman acknowledged the services Mr Fairbairn had rendered to the Burns Club and Mr Fairbairn made a very suitable reply on behalf of his wife and himself.

They apologised for the delay in making the presentation which had been owing to illness and other circumstances.