Raymond Ward

by untangledwebl

Honorary Member of ‘Let it Blaw’

Vice President

1996,  1997,  1998


1999,  2000,  2001



Reply to the Toast  “The Lasses”  1988

Proposer of the Toast  “Chairman & Croupiers”  1989

Proposer of the Toast  “The Immortal Memory of Robert Burns”  1991,  2021

Proposer of the Toast  “Chairman, Croupiers & Artistes”  1998

Proposer of the Toast  “Let it Blaw – the Balerno Burns Club”  1999,  2017


Served on the Club Committee

1990,  1991,  1992,  1995

Raymond became a member of ‘Let it Blaw’  in 1987 and was first mentioned in the Toast List/Programme of 1988. Raymond is the brother of Club Member Norman Ward

At the ‘Let it Blaw’ suppers of 2011, 2012 and 2013, Raymond attended in the office of President of the Marchbank Burns Club and, upholding tradition, gave Grace After Meat on each occasion.

While serving as Club Secretary, Raymond was there, pen in hand, to record the dramatic events surrounding the Committee Meeting of Tuesday 9th January 2001 at the Johnsburn House Hotel when mid-meeting, the first total lunar eclipse of the Third Millennium caused chaos with Martin Mitchell’s catering arrangements. Raymond’s minute of the meeting included :

Carl John arrived slightly late for the start of the meeting and, on entering the room, stated that there was a pink moon in the sky. He appeared to be sober so chairman Alex Hood adjourned the meeting to allow everyone to go outside and witness the spectacle. On returning, the full compliment enjoyed mince pies, biscuits and coffee kindly supplied by committee member Martin Mitchell of the Johnsburn House Hotel. I would like to reiterate that everyone was sober and the moon was indeed a pinky orange colour.”

The Moon !

For the record, and for corroboration of what was a bizarre event even by ‘Let it Blaw’ standards, also present at the meeting, and all apparently sober, were John Graham Vice-Chairman, Ken McDonald Treasurer, Jim Tait Honorary President, and committee members Jim Weatherston, Charlie Struthers and Jimmie Dunbar. A final quick note from the Club President who was chairing the meeting “As I recall the mince pies were particularly moist and tasty on that occasion!”