School Questionnaire 1837

by Alex

What is the designation of the school ? Balerno School

When and for what purpose was it established ? About 24 years ago for teaching English, Reading Writing and Arithmetic.

Is it a Day School, Sunday School or Infant School ? A Day School.

How is it supported or endowed ? Supported entirely by School Fees.

Are the tenets of any particular religious denomination taught ? No, unless the Catechism of the Church of Scotland be considered such.

What has been the average number of scholars in 1836 and 1837 ? In 1836 there were 40 male, 20 female, Total 60 – In 1837: 43 male, 32 female, Total 75

Are there any boarders and how many ? None.

Do children attend the school without reference to the religious persuasion of their parents ? Yes.

Between what periods of age do children usually attend the school ? Between 6 and 14 years.

What is the average duration of the continuance of their attendance ? From 5 to 6 years.

Is a playground attached to the school ? None

Under what superintendence is the school placed ? Under a committee of management of whom the minister of the parish is ex officio.

Is the school periodically inspected and by whom ? Yes by a committee of the Presbytery of Edinburgh.

Are the scholars periodically examined and by whom ? Yes by a committee of the Presbytery of Edinburgh.

What number of teachers ? One.

Whether male or female ? Male.

By whom are they appointed and for how long ? By the managers without limit of time.

Are they removable from their situation and by whose authority ? Removable for vicious conduct or negligence of duty, by the authority of the managers.

What is required as the qualification for a teacher ? A knowledge of the English language, writing and arithmetic.

Where was the present teacher educated ? At the parochial school of Currie and in private classes in Edinburgh.

Of what religious persuasion is the present teacher ? Of the Presbyterian Established Church of Scotland.

Has he any other occupation ? No.

What is his salary ? From £25 to £30 a year.

Whence derived ? Entirely from school fees.

What are the rates of school fees ? Reading 2/- (£0.10p) per quarter, Writing 2/6 (£0.12p) per quarter, arithmetic 3/- (£0.15p) per quarter.

Is any annual report of the state of the school made and published ? No.

What is the general course of instruction pursued ? Reading, writing and arithmetic.

What books are used ? English – The first four books of the series by the parochial schoolmasters of Scotland, Barrie’s Collection and Scott’s Lessons in Reading; Mathematics – Hutton’s Compendious Measurer; Arithmetic – Gray’s; Religious – the Bible; Catechism – Assembly’s Shorter Catechism.

Is singing taught ? No.

Is drawing taught and how ? No.

What are the hours of attendance in school ? Ten to Four, with one hour’s interval.

What are the periods and duration of the vacations ? In autumn for four weeks.

What is the system of instruction pursued ? The common system of the parochial schools.

Are the scholars taught in classes ? Yes.

Are they taught separately ? Only when beginners.

Are monitors employed ? The duxes of classes are occasionally employed as monitors.

Is instruction offered in gardening, agriculture, or any mechanical occupation ? No.

What rewards are held out ? Advancement in the class.

What modes of punishment are adopted ? Corporal punishment and loss of place in the class.