2015 – The ’45 Rebellion

by untangledwebl

The Bard’s Oration 2015

The ’45 Rebellion


As I finished my Oration the last time,

And returned to my seat over there,

I remarked to those sitting near me,

No doubt on the subject next year.


 Scotland’s vote on Independence,

The topic is bound to be,

When we decide to vote No or Yes,

As to whether old Scotland is free.


They say it will be more important

Than any polls previously gone,

It’s all about our Country which,

For years has been Westminster’s pawn.


I supported the call for a YES vote,

In a small way spreading the word,

To encourage the doubters to join us,

I hoped that my message was heard.


While daily on TV and radio,

Alex Salmond  and  Nicola Sturgeon,

Assured us their plans were all solid,

To deliver a new Scottish Nation.


They encouraged us all to be positive,

And reject the London establishment,

That bought our Country, so long ago,

Consigning our class to be second.


But at the back of my mind was that feeling,

That being Scottish meant just falling short,

Of the big prize on major occasions,

Coming second, the winning post lost.


It’s not that I’m bothered about losing,

But for once it would really be nice,

For Scotland to do something special,

Something huge, momentous, and right.


I really thought this important vote,

Would see us turning the corner,

Freedom to choose what Scottish folk want,

Unhindered by wishes of others.


It’s not that I’m some sort of rebel,

Hunting a new cause to fight,

It’s my heart that feels Scottish not British,

It’s my heart that stands for things right.


I don’t feel any animosity,

To others with differing thoughts,

My faith in Scottish democracy means,

I accept the will of the Scots.


With two weeks to go the unthinkable,

A poll said we’d taken the lead,

But had it happened too early or,

Were we moving at unstoppable speed?


Then the ‘No’ folk played their trump card,

In his bath chair they wheeled him about,

Gordon Brown returned from the shadows,

And vowed to sort it all out.


His vow was ‘Increased Devolution’,

His vague words in greyness enshrined,

But enough for a No Vote resurgence,

From those who were caught in two minds.


And it proved to be the big difference,

As poling day came around,

Support for being free sadly dwindled,

How it happened just served to confound.


On referendum day a turnout,

Not seen in our Country for years,

Most of our People took to the polls,

To express their hopes and their fears.


But next day again we’d come second,

45% had at least tried,

To right the wrongs of past ages,

Independence hopes had died.


The ’45 Rebellion,

It took a new twist last year,

Nae Bonnie Prince Charlie tae screw it all up,

We’d done it ourselves out of fear.


I didn’t read the news for several days,

As David Cameron gloated sae smug,

Of his Kingdom staying United,

And him hanging on to his job.


Next day he announced the solution,

To ease every YES voter’s fear,

He’d give English folk devolution,

His Unionist policy unclear.


And as for Alistair Darling,

Strutting about like the farm yard cock,

You’d have thought ‘his’ campaigning succeeded,

In leading the Unionist flock.


At the hands of such folk we were beaten,

Consigned to further damnation,

This time “Bought and sold, for Westminster Gold”

A new Parcel o’ Rogues in the Nation.


But …… four months later I’m wondering,

Was what happened to us really defeat?

For Scotland and its fine people,

For whom so much was achieved.


We have shown the world such decisions,

Don’t have to be made by the gun,

That democracy is the way forward,

And for that, Scotland surely has won.


No, it wasn’t the result ‘ I ’ wanted,

And now my freedom’s on hold,

But most folk in Scotland who voted,

Were delighted with ‘winning’ the Poll.


The Scottish People had their say,

And the decision taken was fair,

How many folk are jealous,

In a world where Democracy’s rare?


Now I’m not saying we didn’t have violence,

Some behaviour that wasn’t the best,

But hatching an egg on Jim Murphy’s head

Was hardly massed civil unrest.


Yes, this time Scotland haswon,

And risen above the masses,

Even if British for now we must stay,

That’s okay ….. until it passes !


Because Scotland’s story’s not finished,

We’ve a Lassie that’s now in command,

Like wifeys all over the Country,

Multi-tasking at the head of our Band.


And then, a couple of days ago on Thursday,

David Cameron to Holyrood came,

Smarmily announcing his promises,

It appears the Man has no shame.


A sneaky version of many things vowed,

Deceit and guile to the fore,

Do folk in Westminster not understand,

How all this just alienates more.


So it’s on to the General Election,

Once again I’ll be shouting aloud,

For Freedom and all that goes with it,

The 45 together still proud….


Wi’ sentiments of the ’45 Rebellion,

We’ll be marching once more on the south,

Behind our Bonnie Prince Salmond,

His retirement didn’t work out.


But at “Let it Blaw,” do we really give a damn,

We’ll still all be cronies next year,

The words of our Robbie ringing aloud,

While politicians all tune their deaf ears.


Doesn’t matter what folk down in Westminster say,

So much there’s for personal gain,

They’ve little time for the likes of us,

Just numbers in a far bigger game.


I still want freedom for Scotland and Scots,

But I’ve thought out a far better way,

If we could make it all happen, without a politician,

A far better Scotland we’d see.


If the government took Robert Burns on board,

His kinship, his wisdom and views,

A far better world; ours to enjoy,

Less unhappiness and pain might ensue.


‘Man’s inhumanity to Man’,

A festering, commonplace thing,

Does it matter a damn what church they attend,

What religion or psalms that they sing.


Does it matter a damn; Ulster, Welsh or Scots,

Or our cronies from South of the Tweed,

At the end of the day, we all get along,

Despite politician’s misdeeds.


If we all sat at home and read Robert Burns,

A more civilised life this would be;

If politicians found time to just do the same,

It might help them to hear, and to see.


I hope that my poem’s not offended,

Those with differing views to mine,

Let’s all tak’ a richt guide willie waught,

For Auld Lang Syne.

– – –

But perhaps, one day, a YES vote,

And maybe we’ll shed a few tears,

To celebrate ending the massive wrong,

Scotland’s lived with for 300 years.


Alex J Hood

January 2015