The Last Trump

by Alex

The Whitehouse noo has a new resident.

A geriatric brand new President.

Though many years now past his prime.

For decades Biden’s been bidin’ time.

At last he now has seized his chance.

The vote’s been counted (some mair than wance.)

Although by now he should be retired.

He gets to say to Donald –“Man your fired!”

Biden’s a decent man of vision

His country’s now in deep division.

To fix things quick –What can he do?

In four years he’ll be eighty two.

His V.P. is waiting to succeed.

Can she get the wide support she’ll need?

She is not white or even male.

I pray she’s not destined to fail.

Donald’s heid has rolled beneath the axe.

He must now declare his income tax.

And if a crime is nepotism.

He might even find himself in prison.

He shrugged off Corona in a day.

But questions still won’t go away.

Did Putin help to put him there?

What price was paid the “Russian Bear?”

He makes tariff wars on the Chinese.

The “Russian Bear” he tries to please.

He puts “maximum pressure” on Iran

And North Korea’s “Rocket Man.”

It seems that war of words is won

Since he went to visit Kim-Jong-Un.

              E.E.C. leadership he oft disparages –

His views the same as Nigel Farage’s

The Donald stands not all alone.

In London Town resides his clone.

Ambitions great we know he harbours,

For topiary from Donald’s barbers.

Though he is not half Hebridean,

He’s even less a European.

Boris has problems – no solutions

But he wants to cancel devolutions.

Women and golf – Donald’s favourite games.

He chases holes – in golf and dames.

He plays golf in the fall and winter.

His favourite course he says is “inter.”

Wi’ tweed plus fours he clads his hurdies

When chasing pars and sometimes birdies.

In Scotland there’s a pub he fancies.

Its name he says is “Poosie Nancy’s”

His home is in the Sunshine State

The social life there – really great

He claims “Ghislaine‘s a friend o’ mine

A neighbour living with Epstein.

The parties they threw – all the rage-

With loads of talent under age.

Royalty joined in and a’

We all were rich- above the law.”

Scandal in office is not new.

There’s precedents there -more than a few.

Bill Clinton and thon J.F.K

In office liked to play away.

Great men have sinned since days of yore.

Remember Madame Pompadour.

The first ladies’ role in this great nation

Seems mainly one of decoration.

A health care treatment he did preach

“To kill a virus? — inject bleach.”

The doctors shuddered – held their breath

Injecting bleach would cause you death.

“Just wear a mask we ask you – please.

Help us contain this dread disease.”

“I won’t do that. You must be aware

A mask could tousle up my hair.”

              Where to now? Donald is conflicted.

For noo he’s just been evicted.

He’s loast his presidential powers.

Can he settle back into Trump Towers?

Or the sight which few would wish to see –

He’ll come to live in Turnberry.

If he decides to cross the waters,

I charge you lads – Lock up your daughters.

                     Andy Mc Gowan

                     23rd January 2021