Twenty-Twenty Vision

by Alex

Let It Blaw’s August Committee.

Jist canna meet – an awfu pity.

They’ve tried since April – but in this instance

They maun keep apart and “social distance.”

The eight are like a boat-race crew

Working weel thegither in ma view

Like ony ither winnin’ eight

They’ve a Cox on board tae keep them straight.

Donald John’s frae this locality.

I.T.’s his thing – “virtual reality.”

His plan’s approved. The committee’s set

Tae meet care of the internet.

The COVID Curse is the excuse.

Tae meet wi’ each man in his hoose.

Zoom” is the answer, on this date

“Online” they will communicate.

The Lothians – Mid, East and West

Were linked at Donald John’s request.

Balerno, Nittin, ”the Hidden toun.”

The Calders and the Lands arroun.

And by some devilish cantrip slight –

Each viewed a screen wi’ flickerin’ light.

Each marvelled at the stuff they’re hearin,

They knew that they were pioneerin’.

The “Minutes” Alex wrote at his leisure.

 Were quickly winged away wi’pleasure.

The “Banes” were picked wi megabytes

Wi ony “Issues” pit tae rights.

Agenda items in succession

Were quickly dealt wi in this session.

Withoot a barman tae intrude-

“On Time” the meeting did conclude.

Like the Twa Dugs at the close of play,

They swore tae meet some ither day.

The Bard’s technophobic – He leaves tae Harry Potter

The “virtual world”- He has his jotter

And pencil tae communicate.

Fur the record, he maun state-

Wi “Zoom” he really has tae struggle –

I guess he must be classed a Muggle.

P.S. – I hope none here has the temerity.

Tae gainsay my record for posterity!

                       Andy McGowan
                      Club Bard
                       August 17th 2020