Bard’s Oration 1976

by Alex

This was the Oration written and presented by Club Bard, Willie Shanks,

at the annual supper on Saturday 23rd January 1976.

Wha is this man ? the priests hae speared,

Wha has a talkin’ art,

He has nae wealth, he has nae gear,

For folk to entice tae pairt.

Tae come wi’ him, and harkin tae,

His simple beck and ca’

And follow in his gentle way.

Tae journey faur awa.

Twas just that he could see the need,

O’ guidance and o’ care,

The puir, the helpless and the aged,

and folk that’s trauchled sair.

It didnae tak’ a gilded steed,

or wealth, or silken goon,

Tae mak’ the folk tae worship him,

Nor yet a golden croon.

He gaed hungry, mony a winter’s morn,

Or parched in simmer’s son,

Tae help the stricken get their feet,

The Lord, wha’s God’s dear Son.

This man we honour here this nicht,

A disciple, ye may say,

Wi’ pen, he left ahin his word,

Tae follow in his way.

Hypocrisy, the Kirk he flayed,

Cruel, creeds he scorned,

Thru’ the years his name they cursed,

For sair they felt the thorn,

The rich he flayed, who turned oot,

Drive frae their cot and kye,

The puir bit bodies, scarce o’ cash,

and let them starve or die.

He let us ken in pen and ink

As we in knowledge grow,

The injustice tae the puir lang sine,

The annals of the low.

He never gained in wordly wealth,

But like the Lord above,

They struggled sair tae show mankind,

The brotherhood of Love.

Wm R. Shanks