Mrs Anne Brow


Mrs Brow, licensee of the Grey Horse Inn / ‘Brows’ / Henderson’s Inn / The Auld Hoose

Mrs Brow, a much liked and respected lady in the village albeit a formidable landlady at the Grey Horse Inn.  She didn’t tolerate swearing and once barred a couple of worthies for fighting outside the butcher’s shop even though they were always well behaved in the pub. On at least one occasion, she chased an individual out of the pub with a sweeping brush after his behaviour had fallen below unacceptable standards. How times change !

She closed the pub during the ‘Glasgow Trades’ holiday every year. More often than not, she never went anywhere during the closure remaining in her home above the bar where ‘Let it Blaw’ started so many years before. That was when things were cleaned, painted and generally prepared for the next year.