Mrs Jane Henderson


Jane Henderson was the wife of Club Founder Member Alex Henderson , Landlord of “The Inn” also known as “The Auld Hoose” (later known as Browsin Main Street, Balerno. Jane, Alex and their son Peter stayed upstairs at the Inn so, inevitably, it fell to Jane to cater for the Club’s early Annual Suppers.

Jane, or “Mrs Henderson” as she would always be called, was a great friend of the Club and highly respected by the membership. On the death of Peter  in 1889 and Alex during 1890, she continued to run the Inn herself catering for the Club’s Supper for a further five Suppers up to that of 1894. At that point she sold the premises to William Brow who was to become an active member of ‘Let it Blaw’ and maintain thre association between the Club and the Inn.

On her retirement, the membership of ‘Let it Blaw’ made a presentation to Jane. She left Balerno to stay at 7 Upper Coltbridge Terrace, Edinburgh.

Jane’s death on 6th June 1904 was recorded in the Club Minutes.