Peter Henderson Snr.


Proposer of the Toast  “Our Hosts” or “The Landlord – Landlady”   1994

Reply to the Toast  “The Lasses”  1996,  2007,  2014

Proposer of the Toast  “The Lasses”  2006

Recited the Address  “To a Haggis”   2009

Served on the Club Committee
1997,  1998,  2008,  2009,  2010,  2011,  2012,  2013


Became a member of ‘Let it Blaw’   1987


Peter is the father of Club Member Peter Henderson Jnr, but is NOT related to one of our early members from 1883, Peter Henderson.

However, through marriage he is related to one of the Club’s founding members,  James Pearson Snr.