1906 – Death of David B. Fairbairn

by Alex

Extract from the Minute of the Annual General Meeting dated 22nd December 1905:

The Chairman, Thomas Horsburgh, referred in feeling terms to the illness of Mr D. B. Fairbairn who had been laid aside for the past three weeks. He trusted he might soon recover his wanted health and strength.

Extract from the Minute of the Committee Meeting dated 19th January 1906:

A meeting of the Committee was held this evening in Mr W. McCullagh’s Malleny Arms, Mr Robertson presiding.

On account of the continued serious illness of Mr D. B. Fairbairn, it was unanimously resolved that there be no Celebration of the Dinner this year.

“Malleny Arms”

7th February 1906

A few of the members of the Club met this evening when the sad news of the death of Mr D. B. Fairbairn had been received which event had occurred on 6th February 1906.

A proposal that the Club join in subscribing for a wreath to be placed on his grave was unanimously agreed to.

Messrs George Shiels and George Calder kindly agreed to interview the Members and procure subscriptions which were heartily given.

The amount collected enabled the Committee to procure a wreath such as betokened the regard which the Club entertained for the deceased.

The Chairman, George Robertson, also expressed the feelings of the Club in the following lines:

Still o’er the scene our memory takes,

The cheerful song, the harmless jest,

And chorus loud; all now are hushed,

And mute that voice we loved the best.

He knew no fear; ne’er counted he,

The overwhelming odds nor yet the cost;

Crusader ne’er showed braver heart,

When boldly charging Moslem host.

Distress did ne’er appeal to him,

In vain; to honest man in need,

He freely gave; nor pledge would take,

To such he was a friend indeed.

And here he lies; o’er him we mourn,

Whom death hath smote with cruel dart,

Oh! brothers, gently lay the wreath,

Upon his brave, his kindly heart.