Alex Grieve (Headmaster of Balerno School)

by untangledwebl
1939,  1940
Vice President
1937,  1938

Proposer of the Toast  “The Immortal Memory of Robert Burns”   1936 

Alex Grieve succeeded James Hope as Headmaster of Balerno School in 1935. His fairly rapid rise to be Vice President, and then President, would be due to his arrival coinciding with the decline of two stalwarts of ‘Let it Blaw,’ long time President Tom Horsburgh, and Secretary for over 50 years John Fairbairn.

Reading into some of the records of that time, it’s as if the Club lost much of its impetus with the departure of the pair who had been the rock on which it had operated for 30 years. Alex Grieve obviously tried to keep things going throughout the late 1930s apparently taking a lead where others had failed.

Alex Grieve was in post until 1943 at which time he became Headmaster at Currie Junior Secondary School. He was succeeded by a Mr Bird.