Balerno Burns Club – “Let it Blaw”

by untangledwebl

 ‘Let it Blaw’

Founded 1881 at Henderson’s Inn, Balerno

No. 340 on the roll of the Robert Burns World Federation


 The village of Balerno, now the western edge of the Edinburgh area, located on the main route to Lanark, was in years long gone a small farming community, proud of its independence from the big City some five miles to the east.

 In an age where people had to make  their own entertainment, the ‘Balerno Burns Club’ was founded in January 1881 by a small group of worthies intent on celebrating  the life and works of Scotland’s National Bard, Robert Burns.

Threipmuir Reservoir,  where Balerno meets the Pentland Hills

For over 130 years, the Club has played its part in village life with the annual Burns Supper being the focal point of our existence. However, for almost as long, the Club’s support of the annual Burns Competitions in our local Dean Park Primary School has played its part in introducing countless children to the works of the Bard, many of whom have competed successfully at national  level, some of whom becoming Club members in later life.

The Malleny Arms (left) and Henderson’s Inn (right),
together home to our annual Suppers on 65 occasions

The Club exists to bring like minded people together in a spirit of companionship and good cheer to commemorate our National Bard  in the way we believe he would think appropriate. Our annual Suppers held in January (and the after effects) are the stuff of local  legend with lengthy toast lists, songs and recitations received with the best of order, flowing in tandem with the “hilarity and harmony” recorded in the report of our first gathering back in 1881; a feature we believe essential to this day.

Affectionately known by one and all as “Let it Blaw”, the Club derives from the first meeting of our Founders at Henderson’s Inn on a “stormy afternoon” while the snow fell outside.  As a result, the following Toast has been proposed at our annual Suppers ever since.


    Up  then  Cronies  ane  and  a’   
   And  drink  the  Toast  
    ‘Let it Blaw’