James Fairbairn Jnr.

by untangledwebl
  Born 28th January 1847 in Balerno
Died 9th November 1930 in Edinburgh, aged 83

Proposer of the Toast  “The Immortal Memory of Robert Burns”  1893

Proposer of the Toast  “The Lasses”  1888

James Jnr. was a member of ‘Let it Blaw’ in the earliest days of the Club. Being the eldest son of Founder Member James Fairbairn Snr, it seems reasonable to assume that he and his two younger brothers were probably amongst the 23 Gentlemen who attended the first ‘Let it Blaw.’

His youngest bother, John Fairbairn, was the first Secretary of the Club and held office for over 50 years while the middle of the three boys, David B. Fairbairn, was President of the Club on many occasions, and a regular contributor at Club events.

It’s unknown precisely when James left the Balerno area but he headed for Edinburgh where he became a Master Printer.

James died at his home in Glengyle Crescent, Edinburgh in 1930. His great grandson, James David Lawson Fairbairn, born in Edinburgh in 1935, was visited by a representative of the Club in 2014 at which time he stayed in Gullane.