James Pearson Snr.

by untangledwebl

 Founder Member 

First Honorary Member of ‘Let it Blaw’



 Sang the Balerno Song

1881,  1882,  1883,  1884,  1885,  1886,  1887,  1888,  1890

A James Pearson was born c.1774 and married Marion Balram who was born c.1776. No record of their marriage can be found. Similarly, no record of their births can be found. However, they both lived to a good age and death records found for James in 1853, and Marion in 1855, give the age at the time of death for each of them as 79 years.

Other records from the time tell us Marion’s father farmed at Buteland, Balerno and James’ family stayed in a “Cottage at Ravelrig.” No record of their marriage can be found, but it was probably just prior to the turn of the century after which they stayed in the Ravelrig cottage. On 5th December 1805, Marion gave birth to a son, another James who, in later life, would be a Founder Member and the first President/ Supper Chairman of ‘Let it Blaw.’

On 25th December 1935, James married Jean Henderson after which they resided in the cottage at Ravelrig. They had the following children:

James, born 1837, died aged 23 in 1859 at Ravelrig.

Agnes, born 1839

Marion, born 1841

Jean (also referred to as Jane), born 1843

Elizabeth, born 1848

Margaret, born 1853, died aged 4 in 1857

George, born 1856, died aged 1 in 1857

Margaret (also referred to as Margaret Ann), born 1859

James, (TWIN) born 1862

George, (TWIN) born 1862, died the day after birth.

James was 75 years of age when ‘Let it Blaw’ was founded in 1881. At that time he was a widower staying at Lanark Road, Balerno with his daughters Jane Crawford (Widow) (37) and Margaret (21), son James Pearson Jnr. (18), and granddaughter Jane (7). At that time, James Jnr, was working as an Apprentice Joiner in the family business