James Wales

by untangledwebl

Founder Member

Served on the Club Committee
1883,  1884

James Wales was 44 years of age when the Club was founded in 1881. He stayed at Glenkeith Cottage in Currie with his wife Margaret (35) and their niece Christina (13).

They owned and managed the local butchers shop located on the south side of Lanark Road next to the Woodhall Arms public house.

Perhaps an example of the significance of James’ role in early Club affairs is that when George Y. Robertson, the Club Bard, presented a collection of rhymes at the 1891 annual Supper and mentioned many prominent members of the Club, James Wales was included. The presentation was printed by Club Member A. G. Moir and a copy included in the Club Minute Book. The layout has been adapted for our website and can be viewed at Ragged Rhymes .