Mrs Euphemia Brow

by untangledwebl

Reply to the Toast  “The Purveyors”  1927

Believed to be the only occasion a Lady has spoken at our Annual Supper

The wife of late Club Member and Inn Keeper William Brow, she is believed to be the only lady to have spoken at Let it Blaw !

The curious thing about the 1927 Supper is that records show it was held at the Malleny Arms, not her own Inn, presumably due to the smaller capacity at her own premises. It’s assumed her presence there was for catering purposes only. Ten years later, no records exist of events at the 1937 Annual Supper. However, details of the pre-supper planning for the event are recorded and state : “38 Guests were expected to attend, and that Mrs Brow had been asked to look after catering arrangements for the event which, it’s believed, took place in the pavilion of Balerno Bowling Club.  The good Lady was obviously doing “outside catering” too.

This Mrs ‘Euphemia’ Brow is the mother-in-law of THE Mrs Brow, so well known as Landlady of the Grey Horse Inn during the 1960s through to the 1990s.