William Morrison

by untangledwebl

Proposer of the Toast  “Agricultural Interests of the District”  1924

Served on the Club Committee

1886,  1887,  1888,  1889,  1890,  1891,  1892,  1893,  1894,  1895

1896,  1897,  1898,  1899,  1900,  1901,  1902,  1903

William became a member of ‘Let it Blaw’ in 1885 and was first mentioned on the Toast List/Programme in 1887.

Perhaps an example of the significance of William’s role in early Club affairs is that when George Y. Robertson, the Club Bard, presented a collection of rhymes at the 1891 annual Supper and mentioned many prominent members of the Club, William Morrison was included. The presentation was printed by Club Member A. G. Moir and a copy included in the Club Minute Book. The layout has been adapted for our website and can be viewed at Ragged Rhymes .

In the Club Minute dated 30th March 1909 the following was recorded by Club Secretary John Fairbairn : It was moved by Mr John Chisholm and seconded that a subscription among members of the Club be raised for Mr William Morrison, an old and respected member of the Club who, it was reported, was in rather poor circumstances. It was unanimously agreed that the Secretary collect subscriptions from Members to be handed over to Mr Morrison. The sum of £3.4/- (£ 3.20p) was subscribed and given to him for which he returned the Club his grateful thanks.

In the minute of a committee meeting held on 21st December 1911, the death of William Morrison in February 1911 was recorded. It was said he was an “old and respected member of the Club. His rendering of the ‘Laird o’ Cockpen’ was always greatly appreciated.”