William Rankin

by untangledwebl

Served on the Club Committee

1902,  1903,  1906,  1907,  1908,  1909,  1910,  1911,  1912,  1913,  1914,  1920

William became a member of ‘Let it Blaw’ in 1892 and was first mentioned in the Toast List/Programme in 1893. He is the uncle of Harry,  RobinCunningham and William “Tiny” Rankin.

An example of how families found it difficult to keep in touch during the early Rankin era is how the two brothers Henry and William ended up with sons (cousins) with the same first name. Henry Rankin  and William Rankin travelled to the Edinburgh area from Kilsyth about the same time. William settled in Balerno first, followed by Henry a couple of years later. In August 1887 William and his wife had a son they called “Cunningham” after William & Henry’s father. In Edinburgh during September 1888, Henry and his wife also had a son who they likewise called “Cunningham” after William & Henry’s father. In the days before emails and text messages such confusions must have been commonplace.

So, for a few years, once Henry & family moved from Edinburgh to Currie, the Balerno/Currie area had two “Cunningham Rankins” who were much about the same age. Records show that  William & family left the Balerno area prior to 1911 so it seems reasonable to assume that ‘our’ Cunningham Rankin who joined ‘Let it Blaw’ in 1914 was the son of Henry, and NOT William’s.

At risk of confusing those who are not already bewildered, Henry and William had another brother called Alex who resided in the Kilsyth area for most of his life. In 1900 he too had a son who was called “Cunningham Rankin“. Three cousins all with the same name !