Fred Thomson (Advocate, Edinburgh)

by untangledwebl

Proposer of the Toast  “The Immortal Memory of Robert Burns”  1909

Proposer of the Toast  “Other Poets”  1910


Fred became a member of ‘Let it Blaw’ in 1909 and was first mentioned in the Toast List/Programme that year.

Fred was described in early Club records as an “Advocate” who stayed in “Edinburgh.” He doesn’t appear to have played a hugely active role in Club affairs and may well have attended the 1909 Supper as a Guest Speaker and been offered membership on the night. He did however feature again in Club Records that year ……….

At a meeting in the Malleny Arms on Tuesday 31st March 1909, the following was recorded : The Club to the number of 31 met in the “Haggis Hall” this evening to present a portrait to the present Chairman, George Y. Robertson. The Chair was occupied by the Rev. David B. Turner of Currie, while Thomas Horsburgh of Johnsburn acted as Croupier. The Chairman had on his right the Guest of the evening (Mr Henderson), and was supported by Fred Thomson, Advocate, Edinburgh and Dr. James A. Raeburn, Edinburgh.  After the Loyal Toasts given from the Chair had been duly honoured, John Fairbairn made the presentation. He spoke of the deep debt of gratitude the Club owed to Mr Robertson for not only starting the Club, but for the active interest he had always taken in it since its formation in 1881.  As Bard, his effusions of poetry on various occasions had been highly appreciated and one composed in 1891, about some of the Members had been received with applause.  The portrait was unveiled amid much enthusiasm. Mr Robertson replied in very feeling terms and thanked the Club most heartily for their kindness. An original poem by the present Bard, Mr George Shiels, was read and received with very warm approval. The Croupier paid a compliment to the photographer, Mr Montgomery of Juniper Green, who had executed the work in a highly artistic manner.  A large and varied programme of Songs and Recitations was gone through and a very enjoyable Meeting was closed by Votes of Thanks.”