Supper Report 2015

The Club’s Report of the 2015 Annual Supper
submitted to the Currie & Balerno News

The 112th annual supper of Balerno Burns Club (Let it Blaw), founded in 1881, was held in Balerno Bowling Club on Saturday, 24th February 2015.


Chairman Carl John welcomed 87 members and guests, and made reference to the loss of two valued members during the past year. Firstly, the passing of Tom Sneddon, a keen Burnsian was mourned, then special mention was made of Jack McCaig., Honorary President, who passed away on New Years Day. Jack, a’ kenspeckle’ character was well known in the area, and had attended many suppers over the years when his contributions were always welcomed. His memory will remain with members for many years to come.


The “Chieftain o’ the Pudden Race” was piped in by Club piper, Kerr Cowan MBE, and carried by Peter Henderson Jnr.. who also gave the Selkirk Grace. John Mathers, a former member of the Club Addressed the Haggis in eloquent fashion.


After an excellent meal, and Grace after Meat by Jack McCaig Jnr., the Immortal Memory of the bard was given by Gavin Scott, a long standing member of the Club.   In his speech, he vividly drew comparison between the Bard’s association and haunts, with people and places which figured in his works. An appreciation of the speaker’s efforts was given in masterly style by Iain McSporran.


Toasting the Lasses, not once but on many occasions, Treasurer Alex Hood did so in rumbustious manner amid much laughter. Greg McCarra  replied on their behalf in speech and song.


The Toast to the Club was undertaken by Secretary Niall Donaldson, covering many aspects of village life and events over the years. This was well received.


Upstanding once again, Alex Hood gave the Bard’s Oration which focussed on the recent Referendum and the result. Donald John welcomed new members, with Colin McFadyen taking the floor for the first time, making a suitable reply. The Toast to Chairman, Croupiers and Artistes was ably covered by Committee member John Dibben, while the hosts were thanked by Vice President Ronnie Hardy, with Charlie Husband replying on their behalf.


As the evening progressed amid ‘sangs and clatter’ from Jimmie Dunbar and Jim Weatherston, and with many contributions from the body of the hall, showing the depth of talent present.   Recitations by Ken McDonald and Max Downie (Tam o’ Shanter) were delivered with gusto and well received.


Chairman Carl John with Jim Weatherston and Charlie Husband acting as Croupiers and ensured there was a steady supply of entertainment throughout the evening, which ended in traditionally with ‘Auld Lang Syne’, and the general consensus of the Cronies present was that another successful supper had been held by the Club.

J. Johnstone