Robert Butler Snr. (Marchbank)

by untangledwebl


Served on the Club Committee

1896,  1899,  1900,  1901,  1902,  1903,  1904,  1905,  1906,  1907,  1908

1909,  1910.  1911,  1912,  1913,  1914,  1918,

1919,  1920,  1921, 1922,  1923,  1924

Robert became a member of ‘Let it Blaw’ in  1887

He was born in Roxburghshire, married in Berwick, and moved to Balerno where he had found employment as a coachman at Marchbank.

He was the father of Robert Butler Jnr.  Richard Butler and James Butler. He was the Grandfather of Rab Butler

In an article  in the “Midlothian Advertiser” regarding the 1920 Supper, the Secretary’s report stated : “The Club is now in its 40th year, the first Chairman being the late James Pearson Snr.  There are now only two original Members, Thomas Horsburgh and himself (John Fairbairn), while Robert Butler Snr. and Andrew Falconer had been Members for 36 years.”

Unfortunately, the worthy Secretary was having a problem with his figures as, in his own minutes, the arrival of both Robert Butler and Andrew Falconer had been in 1894 so they had been in the Club for 26 years at the time this report was written, and not 36.

Robert’s death in 1924 was recorded in the Club Minutes.