Supper Toast Lists & Programmes 2021 to 2025

Saturday 23rd January 2021

In February/March 2020, it became apparent that a major disease, first seen in China, was spreading throughout the world. Many aspects of day to day life in Scotland were affected by the spread of the virus with the Government closing down large numbers of businesses, schools, colleges and preventing travel both internationally and at home.

Late December 2020 saw the beginning of vaccinations on a large scale throughout the country with full coverage unlikely until late 2021. The vast majority of Burns Suppers scheduled for January 2021 were cancelled as it was illegal to hold such large events.

‘Let it Blaw’ took the decision not to cancel our supper and it was agreed to host a gathering of members online using the relatively new Zoom system. Speakers were told to reduce the length of toasts and replies from what would otherwise have been thought normal, and the number of songs and recitations were reduced to ensure the meeting lasted for about three hours which was deemed long enough for the online format.

Address to a Haggis
Grace after Meat
Toast : The Queen
Toast : The Immortal Memory of Robert Burns
Toast : The Lasses
Toast : “Let it Blaw” – the Balerno Burns Club
Toast : New Members & Guests
Toast : Chairman, Croupiers & Artistes
Songs and Recitations
“Is there for Honest Poverty”
led by Jim Weatherston in the absence of Charlie Boyle due to illness

“Now Westlin Winds”
“My luv’ is like a Red, Red Rose”
“Tam o’ Shanter”
Musical Selection on the Small Pipes
Bard’s Oration
“The Balerno Song”
“Ae Fond Kiss”
“Ye Banks and Braes o’ Bonnie Doon”
“Holy Willie’s Prayer”
“The Star o’ Robbie Burns”
“Auld Lang Syne”
The Company led by Iain McSporran QC
Honorary President
Honorary Vice President
Honorary Members
Office Bearers
President – Iain McSporran QC   Vice President – Alex Hood
Secretary – Alex Hood  Treasurer – Jonathan Payne
The Office Bearers along with